Welcome to Little Angels Children's Home

Little Angels Children’s Home comprises of HIV/AIDS affected, vulnerable street and orphaned children. We identify the most vulnerable and nurture them for a brighter future. With the help of friends and relatives, we have successfully been able to help over 40 orphaned children who would otherwise have no hope for tomorrow.

Partner With Us

Help us to help all the vulnerable and the need children in the society. Any form of assistance is highly welcome.

Child Care

Our main objective is to care and provide basic needs for children in the society, A "stepping stone" in life.

Feed the Children

Help us in our campaign of feeding the children in the society. We shall not rest until every child has something to eat.

Our Vision

is to help restore the dignity of the Children God has entrusted us with; till every child has got a shoulder to lean on, food to eat, shelter to house them, clothes to wear, education for a future and an environment to nurture them for godliness and communal responsibility.

Every child should have a decent health care, education and protection from harm. We can’t be satisfied until every last child has the opportunity to thrive.

Its time to build a fairer world we all want.